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Our company is engaged in the trading of electronic parts and mechanical parts, assembling and trading of automated precision machines, as well as various businesses in the PCB industry equipment and optoelectronic industry. Interested parties are welcome to join us.

Show woo Automation Machinery Co. The main products are as follows:

  1. All kinds of dust board cleaner, suitable for printing, lamination, exposure, coating, testing dust cleaning machines and large steel front plate surface dust cleaning machine.

  2. Clean room all kinds of special equipment production.

  3. Backsheet protective film lamination machine for film & amp; protective glass photomask film lamination.

  4. Manually dust wheel, with sticky paper use.

  5. kinds of Wheel plastic bag production.

  6. Cleaning tape volume 6. Size of various types, with all brands of cleaning equipment.

  7. Clean room for the addition to static electricity.

  8. SKC Group produces high-quality series of materials, wet and dry film with special ink special protective film, soft board industry (FPCB) substrate for PI film and the ITO film.

  9. JANTEK FILTER expand development of various types of wet process type filter dedicated the heart, the style, size, Filter, Filter has a winding, one-piece Filter, activated carbon filter, folding filter heart, stainless steel bone Filter (available in drug Waterworks and PCB wet process), activated carbon package (Patented new No. M282932)& Hellip; & hellip; and so on, and to help the industry more filter design change or the heart, has received industry support.




 3F.NO, 82 Chang An E. RD., SEC.2, Taipei , Taiwan.

 TEL : +886-2-25167578

 FAX :+886-2-25045217

 E-Mail: service@champion-expo.com.tw